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The New Directions YouthBuild / AmeriCorps Partnership is a youth development program that offers HSE prep, job training, counseling, and leadership development for out-of-school youths ages 16-24.


The Nubian Directions YouthBuild Partnership is a comprehensive youth development program that offers HSE prep, job training, counseling, and leadership development for out-of-school youths ages 16-24, through the construction and rehabilitation of affordable housing in their neighborhoods. Participants pursue careers in construction, computer technology, or health care. YouthBuild students are also members of AmeriCorps, a national service organization, and Rotaract, a youth service program sponsored by Rotary International. Our trainees learn valuable skills that enable them to begin successful lives as young adults.

Requirements For Eligibility 

The following are requirements to be a Youth-Build student:
  1. Applicant must be between the ages of 17-24 years old as of the start date of orientation.
  2. Applicant must be a resident of Dutchess County and have proof of address.
  3. Applicant must be a high school dropout or not on track to earn their high school diploma or has their high school diploma/HSE already.


Up to 25% of participants may be youth who do not meet parts two or three of the above requirements provided that they are:

  • Basic skills deficient, even if they have their high school diploma or HSE
  • Have been referred by a local secondary school to a Youth-Build program that leads to the attainment of a secondary school diploma.

What You Will Find When Visiting Our Program

We deliver instruction that considers and builds upon students’ strengths, accounting for individual learning styles and needs in ways that create the greatest opportunity for student learning and success. 

Indicators include the following:

  • Initial assessments and individual education plans take into account academic, social, family, and health issues that impact a student’s learning and development.
  • Individual education plans are reviewed and revised regularly to guide instruction and program activities – all instructional practices are student-centered
  • Educators build on students’ prior knowledge to help them learn new skills 
  • Frequent opportunities are available for interaction and discussion between teachers and all students (through a combination of group-based and individual interactions)
  •  All students are held to consistently high expectations, but all students also progress at their own individual learning pace

We use a mixture of instructional approaches to make instruction relevant to students’ lives, interests, and cultures. 

Indicators include the following:

  •  Instruction is based on real-life situations and employs relevant content to develop knowledge
  •  Instruction emphasizes information exchange and active learning rather than information delivery
  •  Learners are actively engaged; learning is based on student exploration
  •  Instruction elicits input from students in class and in designing and reflecting on classwork
  •  Instruction includes project and inquiry-based learning opportunities
  • Educators engage students to learn in collaborative settings
  • Educators use a wide variety of instructional materials (textbooks, projects, software, and other resources) that are current and relevant to student's lives

We strive to improve instruction by ensuring strong, nurturing, and sustained relationships between students and caring, knowledgeable adults.  

Indicators include the following:

  • Educators know all the students’ names and each student is well-known by staff
  • Educators consistently demonstrate respect and value for all students
  •  Relationships between educators-students; educators-educators; and students-students are all sufficiently strong to build a strong and interactive learning community in the school
  • School activities/events evidence intentionality around relationship building

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