Our mission

For 29 years, we have dedicated our time, money, and resources to our community; focusing on uplifting our youth with job training and education.

We have built our organization on the current needs of the community and will continue to expand our services to fit what is most important.

Funding and partnerships enable us to continue these services; by donating, you are directly bettering the lives of youth in our community.

Why are these services important?

All across Dutchess County, we see youth falling into problematic thinking patterns and habits. This mindset leads to poor work ethic, neglecting education, poor decision-making, and much more. While the cause of this is heavily debated, we focus on reshaping their thinking and equipping them with valuable skills and knowledge. Without this guidance, youth fall into the cycle and replicate the behavior of poor role models around them.

We are 'planting the seeds' to grow a new generation of talent that will boost the economy, buy homes, and have families with the same values.

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