We offer GED classes in partnership with Dutchess Community College, and pay you for attendance + completion.


We provide you with training and jobs to make money!

You will receive job ready certifications for completely free


Through mentorship and training, you will set an example for the next generation and inspire others with your accomplishments.

Why YouthBuild?

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YouthBuild believes that the goals, dreams, and aspirations of every young person are real. They are important, and they are achievable.

Young people do not need fixing; they need champions who see them for who they really are, and who they can become. Every young person possesses the potential to become a community leader and should have the opportunity to reach their full potential.

At Nubian Directions II, the Youthbuild program is geared towards helping individuals without a high school diploma to obtain their GED, all while acquiring practical skills that can positively impact their lives in the long term.

We are one of the 276 YouthBuild programs across the United States, Nubian Directions II aims to change the lives of young people by providing training, community service opportunities, and sustainable-wage jobs.

Am I Eligible To Join YouthBuild?

Age Requirement:

Between the ages of 16 and 24 on the date of enrollment.


Needs to be one or more of the following:

A member of a low-income family (including youth experiencing housing instability)

Youth in foster care ( including youth aging out of foster care )

A youth involved in the justice system

A youth who is an individual with a disability  

A child of an incarcerated parent

A migrant youth


One of the following:

Left high school prior to graduation

An individual who left high school prior to graduation and has subsequently re-enrolled (as provided in WIOA Sec. 171(e)(1) Eligible Participants).


As it relates to determining which youth are considered out-of-school youth, DOL does not consider providers of Adult Education under YouthBuild programs to be “schools.”

Therefore, WIOA Youth programs may consider youth out-of-school for purposes of WIOA Youth program eligibility if they are attending Adult Education provided under YouthBuild.

Up to, but not more than, 25 percent of the participants in the program may be youth who do not meet criteria 2 or 3 above, but they must meet the following:

Be basic skills deficient, despite attainment of a high school diploma or its state-recognized equivalent

Have been referred by a local secondary school for participation in a YouthBuild program leading to the attainment of a high school diploma.

NOTE: Male participants aged 18 or older must register for the U.S. Selective Service System ( before being provided any program services. If they turn 18 while participating, they must register at that time.



(Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics, Environment, and Recreation)

A Community Free Lending Library


Leveling the Playing Field:

In Spring of 2021, Harvard University’s School of Engineering and Applied Sciences (SEAS) explored the relationship between STEM and systemic oppression. They demonstrated how STEM could be applied to address social injustices and how STEM has historically been used to sustain inequality while offering researched based best practices to improve STEM education for students of marginalized identities.

Project Purpose

Similar in nature and scope of SPORTPORT, located in Michigan, this is a free community-based sharing program that will provide educators and non-profits organizations slightly used STEM, athletic/recreational equipment, and academic materials to our community partners. SPORTPORT is funded by the Community Foundation and Project Play for Southeast Michigan, Aspen Institute, and the Ralph C. Wilson Foundation.

Nubian Direction II Inc. (NDI) , would like to “level the playing field” by obtaining and creating a STEAMER (STEM) Community Free Lending Library from the surplus equipment, materials, and supplies from the Marist College Upward Bound program.

NDI would like to partner and collaborate with Marist College and various inner-city non-profit organizations and school districts (Newburgh and Poughkeepsie) in hopes of providing “game changing” experiences, unparalleled learning, and engagement opportunities to hundreds of marginalized students and non-engaged youth. The STEAMER library would be focused on building a community of STEAMER educators and youth workers in Dutchess and Orange counties

The STEAMER Community Free Lending Library would give access to our educational partners by providing the STEAMER equipment with the necessary tools” to enhance various interactive and “hands-on” recreational and educational programming. The NDI lending library would serve as a valuable resource for community based organizations, local inner-city schools and their related family engagement events.

NDI’s STEAMER library would also assist our local educators and partners in creating their own new, distinctive, and cutting-edge learning environments that would fostering cross-community collaborations to assist middle and high school students reach their full potential in their respective schools and/or programs.

Why should Nubian Directions II Inc, be the lead agency?

Nubian Directions II, Inc. (NDI) is a 501(c)3 non-profit community-based organization located in the City of Poughkeepsie. Since 1995, NDI has provided technology, work readiness skills training, and educational support services for youth and adults.

Nubian Directions has the organizational capacity and warehouse facility to be the lead non-profit agency on this endeavor. As the lead agency and custodian of the Marist College Upward Bound materials, supplies, and equipment, NDI will ‘tag” and inventory all items, insure, and   securely store the items in their 22,000 square foot warehouse facility that is owned and managed by Nubian Directions II Inc.

The NDI’s lending library would be the largest catalog of STEM related equipment in the Mid-Hudson region.  The STEAMER items would be readily available and loaned free of charge to various City of Poughkeepsie and City of Newburgh non-profit organizations, Marist College Liberty Partnership Program,

Who will be NDI’s Educational and Community Partners?

The Marist College Liberty Partnership Program (LPP) and Marist College Student Support Services (DOE/TRIO-SSS) would be given high priority and preference in receiving items for their respective programmatic uses.

The STEAMER items would be readily available and loaned free of charge to various City of Poughkeepsie and City of Newburgh non-profit organizations, such as: Boys & Girls Club of Newburgh and Poughkeepsie, Newburgh YouthBuild, City of Newburgh School District, Poughkeepsie City School District, REAL Skills, Community Matters 2,  ROCC and

What are some of the STEAMER items available?

NDI’s educational and community partners will have access to hundreds of educational STEM “tools” to choose from (based on availability) such as: sleeping bags, 3D printers, PlayStations, Chromebooks, gas grills, board games, bicycles, VR headsets, laser engravers, telescopes, African drums, microscopes, sewing machines, Lego Mindstorms, roller skates, snow tubes, podcasting equipment, fishing poles, drones, aviation and driving simulator machines, digital cameras, SAT/ACT math and verbal preparation flashcards, and assorted books just to name a few.

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