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YouthBuild AmeriCorp Program

The New Directions YouthBuild AmeriCorps Partnership is a youth development program that offers HSE prep, job training, counseling, and leadership development for out-of-school youths ages 16-24.


Through our partnership with AmeriCorps, we are able to offer students in our program the opportunity to earn college grants and benefits by completing community service hours.

Youth Services

The Youth Mentoring Program at Nubian Directions II matches adult mentors with young people aged 18-24 from the community. The mentors serve as positive role models and offer guidance, support, and encouragement to their mentees.

Poughkeepsie Community WIFI

Helping kids with homework. Connecting families with distant relatives. Helping Individuals manage their businesses. Access to the internet can transform lives — which is why we’re bringing it to people who can't afford it in Poughkeepsie.

Summer Innovation Lab Workshops

Nubian Directions II, Inc. is hosting a Summer Innovation Lab at the Youth Center in Poughkeepsie, that you won’t want to miss.

SYEP: Summer Youth Employment Program

The SYEP is designed to help qualified students, ages 14 to 20, prepare for future, permanent employment by providing a 6-8 week-long course that includes summer job placement and mentorship. And the best part? You can earn money while you learn! We beautify the local parks in our city, clean the streets of garbage, and plant flowers in gardens.


STEAMER (STEM) is a community-based sharing program that is similar in scope and nature to SPORTPORT, located in Michigan. STEAMER will provide educators and non-profit organizations with slightly used STEM, athletic/recreational equipment, and academic materials to our community partners for free.


The Pathway to Academic and Vocational Excellence for local students!

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