Poughkeepsie Youth Assist At Food Pantry

Local students from Poughkeepsie YouthBuild at Nubian Directions II, Inc. assist those in need at local food pantry.

May 16, 2023 11:26 AM

On April 10th, 2023, a group of passionate and driven students from the Nubian Directions YouthBuild/AmeriCorps assisted at the Trinity Temple Food Pantry.

Nubian Directions YouthBuild student unpacking produce during setup.

With a shared commitment to serving their community, these students demonstrated their unwavering dedication and compassion.

Nubian Directions YouthBuild students serving members of the community.

Having volunteered at the food pantry on numerous occasions, the students honed their skills and developed an efficient system that allowed them to assist in an organized and streamlined manner.

Two Nubian Directions YouthBuild students unpacking with staff at Trinity Temple.

Through their previous experiences, they had come to understand the importance of delivering groceries and support to those in need with efficiency and care.

Nubian Directions YouthBuild student ( on the right ) assisting women in holding her groceries.

What truly set these young individuals apart was not only their willingness to serve but also their remarkable ability to maintain order and ensure the pantry was fully stocked.

Two Nubian Directions YouthBuild students unpacking chips to stock the line.

Dividing themselves into teams, one group focused on diligently restocking items, while the other enthusiastically broke down boxes and meticulously cleaned the area. This synchronized effort was a testament to the teamwork instilled in them through the YouthBuild/AmeriCorps program.

Nubian Directions YouthBuild student re-stocking the service line.

At the core of the Nubian Directions YouthBuild/AmeriCorps program lies a fundamental goal: to inspire and empower the next generation of youth in our city.

Nubian Directions YouthBuild student showing items from his station smiling.

Through engaging in activities like volunteering at the food pantry, these students are exposed to the transformative power of community service. By actively participating in initiatives that aim to uplift and support others, they develop a heightened sense of responsibility and an understanding of the profound impact they can make.

Nubian Directions student organizing the chips on the service line.

It is through the dedication of these young individuals that we can begin to build our city one step at a time. Recognizing the immense potential within our youth, we have the opportunity to mold future leaders who will shape our communities for the better.

YouthBuild construction instructor Gerard Chang filling bags to be handed out.

By providing them with experiences like volunteering at the Trinity Temple Food Pantry, we are not only changing their perspectives but also fostering a sense of empathy, compassion, and civic duty that will resonate throughout their lives.

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