Patrick Stephens Speaks With YouthBuild Students To Stop The Violence

Ulster YouthBuild hosted a community awareness event at the Boys and Girls Club in Kingston, NY to end violence and lower incarceration.

April 18, 2023 11:05 AM

On April 14th, 2023, Ulster YouthBuild hosted a community awareness event at the Boys and Girls Club in Kingston, NY to end violence and lower incarceration.

Patrick Stephens passionately speaking to the YouthBuild students.

The speaker of this event was Patrick Stephens, a writer, speaker, and leadership coach. This event hosted YouthBuild students from different locations all across Dutchess County. Stephens covered topics such as gang violence, trauma, incarceration, conflict resolution, and the negative aspects of participation in violence.

Photo of the speaker, Patrick Stephens.

Patrick Stephens is a leader and expert in this field and has the background and experience to prove it. Stephens earned his Bachelor's Degree from Bard College, then pursued his Master's Degree from New York Theological Seminary. He now devotes his knowledge and education to build our communities and society going forward.

Stephens explaining the consequences of violence and gang activity.

Stephens has dedicated his life to helping other incarcerated individuals, including those with HIV and AIDS. Like many youths involved in gang violence, he overcame an unbelievable amount of hardship coming up. Now with decades of education and self-reflection, he uses his knowledge to empower and change the lives of others.

Stephens uses his powerful life story and self-reflection as an example to the students. He explains that decisions made out of anger result in very unfavorable outcomes.

The Poughkeepsie YouthBuild students raising their hands to ask questions to Stephens.

Everyone attending this event took at least one piece of knowledge home. The speech was followed by an intensive interactions workshop based on inclusion and trauma associated with violence.

Stephens hugging and embracing a student of the Newburgh YouthBuild.

In conclusion, Ulster YouthBuild's community awareness event hosted by Patrick Stephens was a success in shedding light on the issue of violence and incarceration. The event brought together students from different locations across Dutchess County to learn from an expert in the field who shared his personal journey and knowledge about gang violence, trauma, conflict resolution, and the negative aspects of participating in violence.

Stephens' powerful life story and self-reflection were used as an example to inspire the students to make better decisions and take positive steps towards empowerment and change.

Overall, the event was an important step toward building a more peaceful and compassionate community.

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