Nubian Directions II Students Participate In Poughkeepsie Community Cleanup.

On April 22nd, 2023, Community Matters 2 Inc., a local non-profit organization in Poughkeepsie, New York, held a community clean-up event to bring the city together to clean the streets of the neighborhoods.

April 25, 2023 4:45 PM

The event aimed to bring the city together to clean the streets of the neighborhoods, and our students and volunteers were there to represent Nubian Directions II and assist in cleaning our community.

Nubian Directions YouthBuild students wearing their uniform representing Nubian Directions and AmeriCorps.

The event was made possible thanks to the hard work of L'Quette Taylor, Founder, and CEO of Community Matters 2, Inc.

L'Quette Taylor, Founder and CEO, Community Matters 2 Inc. speaking to the Nubian Directions YouthBuild Students.

Taylor started the event with a short introduction speech, thanking the community for participating, and was joined by Yvonne Flowers, who also thanked those who came out to help.

Taylor and Flowers thanking the community for their attendance.

The Mayor of Poughkeepsie, Marc Nelson, was also present and expressed his gratitude towards the community members and Community Matters 2 for the event.

Marc Nelson, Mayor of Poughkeepsie thanking the community and Community Matters 2.

The community clean-up event aimed to address a serious problem in the community, and the work of everyone who participated had a significant impact on the surrounding neighborhoods.

Bement Ave before the YouthBuild students began cleaning.

YouthBuild students Kevin Campagne scooping trash into a garbage bag held by volunteer Persephone Moore.

Our YouthBuild students and volunteers did an amazing job cleaning the community, starting on Bement Ave and filling two full trash bags during the cleanup.

YouthBuild student Unyque Webb sweeping left over dirt from the street skirt.

As they progressed up the street, residents and business owners expressed their gratitude towards the students for their help.

Street side skirt after trash removal.

Participating in the event was a critical learning experience for our students. They learned that even the smallest piece of trash can negatively impact the community.

Nubian Directions volunteer Persephone Moore removing trash from the street.

Through their participation, they gained a greater sense of responsibility towards their community and its environment.

In conclusion, the community clean-up event hosted by Community Matters 2 Inc. was a great success, bringing the community together and instilling a sense of responsibility in our YouthBuild students towards their community and its environment.

Nubian Directions YouthBuild students disposing of trash.

The event was a testament to the positive impact that small actions can have on our surroundings, and we hope to participate in more events like this in the future.

YouthBuild students disposing of trash found on Cottage and Bement

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